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  • Greg Sparrow

    Very sorry to hear this, my family still has a cottage in the area. Owned this property since 1960, now living in Houston Texas I really enjoyed catching up on the local news and pictures. Used to get my haircut at old Clarks Barber Shop and father stored the boat motors at the Marina… I will miss this

  • CEC

    This was a great app. I used it quite a bit to read news and learn about vendors. Hopefully you can start up again – maybe in the spring. Why are you shutting down?

  • Dave & Audrey Mackay

    we’re so sad to read this news. This site was a source we used often for news and for advertising. Will be greatly missed

  • Nancy Barton

    So sad that you will be unable to continue. Inbobcaygeon did a great job of reporting local news. Your website will be missed by many in the area. Thanks for all the effort!

  • Chris Billinger

    “Oh no, very sad to hear this news. I checked in with your site all the time!”

  • Dave Boak

    I am very saddend to here of this websites demise. This was the best local news source we have had since the “Independent”, the advertising was great as well. The local newspaper we have now seems to print only what they want to (or so it seems). I hope someone else will consider taking over where has left off. This is yet another great community service that we have lost.

  • I am very sorry to hear this – very usefull information on what was happening in Bobcaygeon. I hope the architect of this service reconsiders and reveiws what business model is needed to make this service economically viable.


  • Lynda Reed

    This was very good. I looked at it every day.

    It’s too bad more people didn’t advertise. I found out about Good Pickins and Caygeon Collectables from this site and I shopped at both stores. Never heard of them before and I’ve been coming to Bobcaygeon for 12 years.

    I liked the police reports and the news about stuff that was going on in the area. (I was going to have a yard sale next spring and put it on your free listing page!) Oh well, will put up a sign on the street like others do.

    Thanks for the news – Now I’ll never know what’s going on when I’m away :(

  • Shirley Watson

    What? Why? I loved this site – only place to get the real news and info.

    Will be sadly missed.